A Career in the Woodworking Industry

Woodworking Industry Careers

A job in the timber industry is not just a job. It is a career. There are so many, fulfilling and rewarding paths in the diverse and exciting world of wood. Some you may not have even considered.

Why Wood Is So Good

We are more and more conscious of our environment and how to protect it and nurture it for future generations. We have used wood since before records began. From tools to cutlery, furniture to buildings, wood is our only renewable natural resource. Our use of wood has continued to increase over the last 50 years and has accelerated further as we face two major issues; climate change and a soaring world population. To construct adequate housing, for future generations, we seek sustainable construction methods with the minimum effect on the environment.

With continuing scientific developments in the use of wood and how it can be adapted to suit our needs, plus the growing awareness and investment into manageable forestry, this ensures that wood continues to be the overwhelming choice of customers who seek a reliable, environmentally friendly, attractive material at good value.

There are many sound reasons to turn to wood as the preferred building material of the 21st Century – here a just a few;

  • Wood is renewable and sustainable and costs less to produce than steel and concrete - the primary building materials of the last 125 years.
  • Wood is environmentally responsible because it stores carbon, whereas the production of man-made materials requires huge amounts of fossil fuels and produces harmful emissions.
  • Pound for pound, wood is as strong as steel and extremely durable.
  • Wood has great acoustic and thermal properties.
  • Exciting new technologies are enabling the construction of tall, modern wood buildings that are safer and cheaper to build.
  • Wood’s diversity, beauty and connection to nature means that its uses in modern society can be both practical and aesthetically admired.
  • Protected and maintained wood will last for hundreds of years and can be repaired, re-finished, adapted and recycled throughout its life in service.
  • The benefits of wood do not end with its practical applications – once it is finished with, it is 100% biodegradable and can be used as a fuel.
  • The waste from processing and production is also re-useable as a fuel or as animal bedding (wood shavings and sawdust) plus many more uses.
  • Reduction in waste to landfill is also hugely advantageous – as our waste problem grows internationally.
  • The uses for wood are endless….

Demand for talent

The timber industry has a job for everyone. For those good with their hands there are;

Jobs in carpentry, joinery, cabinet making, woodworkers, wood craftsman, wood carvers, wood turners, lumberjacks, wood machinists, wood sculptors, forestry workers and so many more.

For those who prefer the paperwork, computers and office-based roles but still love wood, companies are always in need of;

IT specialists, joinery/woodwork estimators, designers, designer makers, CNC operators, human resources, wood scientists, forestry experts, environmentalists, sales representatives, workshop foreman and so many more.

Like any industry the woodworking sector has numerous opportunities for career growth. For example; progression from helper/labourer to craftsman to manager to business owner. Or the more diverse; helper/labour to wood scientist or environmentalist. There are always paths for growth and success in this industry.

Here, at Wooduwork, we make those connections to help you, wherever you are, on this journey in the wood trade.


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